Tips and tricks for your new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

iPhone started a new era of comfort, style and creative mobiling.  iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are new gems in the rich heritage of Apple iPhones. They are going to camouflage the whole feature of its predecessor iPhone X.

Why should you go for the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

  • Colour

Apple comes with a new stylish golden shiny look instead of traditional colour. The off-white glass panel on the back with golden subtler hue gives it a fanatic look which grabs your attention even unwillingly.

  • Bigger Display

It has 6.5-inches full and well-proportioned size gives you the extra exhilaration of video and image. Completely edge-to-edge display surpasses the older iPhone 6 Plus in every manner.

  • Wallpapers

Live wallpapers give you the zest of flooding colors from here to there. All three looked like alien planets with slight differences.

  • Speedy charging

Faster wireless charging presents the enhanced technology implemented by Apple. Internal tighter coils support help quick and much active wireless charging on embedded 7.5W chargers.

  • New generation Camera

New larger pixels with increased depth with better low light performance,  image signal processor and custom  Neural Engine, color mode effect is more accurate, Portrait imaging effect features a new kind of imaging.

4GB RAM, Gigabit-class LTE is the additional classic ones that make you crazy for it. Apart from these top feature, you found new speakers, faster A12 Bionic processor, more robust water resistance, stereo recording in video, and much other enhancement on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Tips and tricks to master your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max


  • Setting face ID

Face ID is the most convenient mode to unlock a phone. To set up face ID

  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Face ID & Passcode.
  • If you have a previously stored passcode upgrade, then type it.
  • Click Setup Face ID.
  • Scan your face image twice for the completion of the process.

Once the process has done, you have to swipe up the screen with your opened eye face to unlock the phone.

  • Screenshot

The traditional method of pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously for a screenshot does not work on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max for taking the screenshot.

  • To take a screenshot
  • Press and Volume up and the Power buttons simultaneously.

* When you capture a screenshot, a small image of your screenshot will emerge on the left edge of the display; you can edit it also according to your choice otherwise it will get auto-saved.

  • Apple Pay set-up and use

Money transaction becomes comfortable with apple. With Apple Pay you can pay your bills, purchase anything anywhere. It makes your transactions easy and smooth. To use Apple Pay you have to set up it first.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Click on Add Card.

* You have to contact your bank for verification of the card before use.

  • Portrait Mode and Depth Control

The front, as well as the rear camera of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, have portrait mode feature.

  • To handle portrait mode feature
  • Open the camera and swipe the menu stretch it left up to portrait option.
  • You can select any lighting option.
  • Select any portrait mode and click on the shutter option.

* With Depth Control you can control the amount of blur in the background of snap or image.

  • Turning off your iPhone

The right-sided button of iPhone was likely the power button of an older version of iPhone. Now it becomes lock button with additional True Depth cameras feature.  If you want to turn off your phone, just press and hold volume button and lock button together.

  • Creating a Memoji

The animated avatar or your cute facial expression is expressed by a Memoji only. It is an art but become game with iPhone.

  • Open the Message app and click on the app drawer.
  • Choose Desire Animoji icon and swipe right till you fetch the desired one.
  • You can customise it also.
  • Click the Done button present at the top of the screen to save.

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