Steps for Recording iPhone or iPad screen in iOS 11

After the release of iOS 11, it became so easier to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad device  You can use this feature on iOS 11 or later iOS versions. If you don’t see the screen recording feature on your iOS device, then update your iPhone or iPad’s operating system.

If you want to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad, then here is the full guide for screen recording.

How to Enable Screen recording on your iOS 11 iPhone or iPad

1.    Launch ‘Settings’ of your iOS device.

2.    Tap on ‘Control Center’ into the settings menu.

3.    Scroll down to the Screen Recording.

4.    Tap on the ‘green colour (+) button’ at the left of Screen Recording to add it to the Control Center.

Now, you’ll see Screen Recording under INCLUDE section of the Control Centre.

To begin recording the screen of your iPhone or iPad iOS 11

1.   Slide upwards of the screen of your iOS device to go to Control Center.

2.    Press the Record option to start capturing the screen of your device.

To record your iOS 11 iPhone screen with sound

1.    Tap and hold on the ‘Recording button’ to record the screen with sound.

2.    Now, tap on the ‘Microphone icon’ in the shortcut menu. The mic option shall have turned into crimson.

3.    Press the ‘Start recording’ option to start recording screen with sound.

To stop your iPhone screen recording in iOS 11

Way 1: From the status bar.

Once you start screen recording, it will display on the status bar. You can stop it from here.

1.    Tap on the ‘Status bar’ at the top of your device screen.

2.    Tap ‘Stop’ on the pop-up screen. This will stop screen recording.

Way 2: Through Control Center.

1.   Slide upwards of the screen to bring up Control Center.

2.    Now, touch the ‘Recording button’.

3.    Then, click on ‘Stop’ recording option.

Doing this will stop your Screen recording and save it into your iOS 11 device. To see or access all the videos you have recorded you need to open Photos app.

To Edit the Screen Recorded Videos in iOS 11

1.    Tap on ‘Photos’ app Icon to view the recorded videos.

2.    Now, navigate and select the ‘Recorded’ video.

3.    Click on the ‘Edit button’ at the lower segment of the device screen.

4.    Long press any ‘Black arrow’ on each end of the frame viewer to edit the recorded content.

5.    Move it inward to select the part of the video you want to trim. Selected part will display into the yellow cropping indicator.

6.    Click on the ‘Play’ button at the bottom centre to preview video.

7.    Once editing is complete, click on ‘Done.’ 8.    Now, click on ‘Save as New Clip’ to save the edited video. Doing this will save your edited video as a new clip, and the original video won’t be overwritten.

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