How to Sync Your Music Files with Spotify App

Spotify can sync your local music to your mobile gadgets. There is no need of using cables, transferring  files to mobile gadgets or syncing  your music to mobile phones. All you require is to have your PC and the mobile devices on same Wi-Fi networks and you can easily listen to music from your mobile phones.

Here are the methods to sync your local music with Spotify mobile:

  1. Installing the Spotify Mobile application
  • Find the Spotify application in your gadget’s app store.

Open your gadget’s supporting app store, for example, iTunes App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android and find for Spotify.

  • Install Spotify.

Press on Spotify from the search history and after that click the “Install” or “Download” tab. 

  1. Inserting Local Music to Spotify on your PC
  • Start the Spotify app on your PC.

On its shortcut icon double click on your window.

  • Press on the gadget link on the left panel menu of the Spotify app.

You will send to the gadget display where you can get a list of all the uncovered mobile gadgets.

  • Connect with your mobile gadget.

Choose the mobile gadget from the list and after that press on “Sync this gadget with Spotify”. The mobile gadget is now connected with your Spotify on your PC.

  • Hit on the Local Files link into your Music column on the left.

You can put your local music files here to play it on Spotify.

  • Choose the music files from your PC and put them to the window for your Local Files on Spotify.

The tracks of the music will be attached and loaded on Spotify.

  1. Syncing Local Music to Spotify Mobile
  • Press on the Spotify application on your mobile gadget.

It will start the application.

  • Sign in.

You can use your Spotify username or Facebook ID to sign in. Make sure your mobile device should be on the same Wi-Fi as your PC to obtain and sync the music files from there.

  • Sign in with Facebook– Press on the “Sign in with Facebook” tab to easily link your Facebook account. Spotify will verify your request and connect it with your Facebook account.
  • Sign in with Spotify username– Enter your username and password, after that press on the sign in the tab.

On the top of the display, click three horizontal bars.

It will start the applications menu.

  • Hit on “Your Music.”

Your playlists will show on your display.

  • Click on the playlist containing your local music from the Playlists column.

It has a name with “Local Files.”

  • Create the songs available offline.

Hit the toggle tab for “Available Offline” at the top in the playlist menu so that it makes the playlist play offline. The files of music which were in the playlist will get synced with your mobile gadget. Now, you can easily play your local music offline.

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