How to organise and access notifications on Apple Watch

While wearing a smartwatch, you can do various tasks like checking important messages, emails, calendar reminder, special activities days, calling, replying, progress updates, workout summary, track your health, heart rate, asking Siri. You can read all notifications by raising your wrist to check which notification is essential.

Organising Notifications for Apple Watch

Smartwatch notifications are displayed only on wearable gadgets if it is on the wrist and unlocked. The notifications which are already missed you can check that by swiping down on the watch. Whether you are using your iOS, then this notifications will not show up on your watch.

A huge difference is between third- party and native party applications which handle notifications on Smartwatch. A red dot will come when the notification indicator turns on. When notification privacy switches on, details will only be seen when you press on an alert.

Steps for organising notifications for Apple Watch

  1. Start the Watch app on iOS.
  2. Press the My Watch option.
  3. Click Notification at the top. You will get two settings at the top that is Notification Indicator and Notification Privacy.
  4. Hit the notification you like from Allow Notification and send it to the notification center.
  • Permit Notifications, all notification will be seen when turned on.
  • Dispatch it to Notification center, using your thumb scroll down to see messages.
  • After selecting, turn Notification off.

How to see and remove a notification on Apple Watch

There is a tiny red dot at the top, one or more notification is there. The next steps are given below.

  1. Turn on your Smartwatch screen.
  2. To go to your notification go down from the top.
  3. Click on a notification to read it.
  4. Press Done, Dismiss or Clear on the notifications you want to remove.

Accessing a Notification later

If you wish to check your notification then, you can do it on another day.

  1. Turn on your Smartwatch screen.
  2. To see your notification list, go down from the top.
  3. To check notification you like to see, go up or down or move the Digital Crown.
  4. Click on a notification to read it.
  5. Press Done, Dismiss or Clear on the notifications you want to remove.

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