Learn How to Fix Roku Error “Won’t Connect to Local Network”?

Roku streaming player or Roku TV offers an easy way to stream audio and video from the internet. To do this, you should have a good internet connection on your Roku device from your local network or from your home network to the internet. This post will provide you some simple steps to check if your network connection is working properly or not. When users setup their Roku player or Roku TV for streaming, they need to connect the Roku device to their local home network example- when you have connected your computer or mobile with your home network. 

Directly, select your available wireless network name and enter the correct password. After that, the wireless connection will connect from your Roku device to your home access point or router. If the Roku device is not able to connect with your local network point then you are unable to set up your Roku device. So, if you are trying to connect your Roku device to your local network than below given steps will help you with perfect network connectivity. 

Learn How You Can Check Your Connection? 

If you want to know about your available local connection, first of all, you need to go the Settings menu on your Roku device. 

Things to do:- 

       Navigate to Settings > Network > Check connection to perform a two-part test.

       In the first section, you will check for a connection to your home network and that the wireless signal strength is working properly.

   In the second section checks that you are connected to the network and that the internet speed is working properly. 

Note- If the connected wireless signal performance or internet speed is not good, you need to follow with on-screen instructions to get rid of this problem.

If you are not connected to a network, you will be not able to see the “Check Connection” option. You will get only the “Setup Connection” option. 

Know How You Can Resolve Your Home Network Connectivity Issue? 

If you are doing struggle to connect your Roku device to a local network connection then you can use the below-given steps to solve this issue. 

       First of all, switch on your home wireless point and turn on also your Roku Device with your TV.

     Please remember this, your home router password can be complex and case sensitive, you need to make sure that type your correct password to get perfect network connectivity.

      Now, Log in to your wireless point, move to the wireless section for Password confirmation and verify that you have type a correct password which you have used to connect to your Roku device.

       Then, you need to ensure that your Roku device is within the nearest range of Your Wireless local Network.

       Now, select your available wireless network to set up your Roku device.

       Then, you need to connect with Roku Support Team and confirm that your connected router is supported by Roku device.

      Note- if you have a cable connection from your Roku to connect to your network router than you have to make sure it’s connected to a Correct Port of your available wireless router.

       Now restart your Roku device and check it is working properly. 

 Two More Methods to Solve Roku Connectivity Issue:- 

After following the above steps, if your Roku has not connected with your local network router then you can use the given below two simple methods. 

Method-1 Reset Roku Factory Setting:- 

       First, connect Your Roku device to Your Tv.

       Then, navigate to Roku Home Page by using “Home Key” from your Roku Remote device.

       Now, go to the Roku factory settings menu, press “OK” on the Remote key.

       Now, move to System and on “OK” button.

       Note- if you have the latest version of Roku, go to “Advanced System” settings.

       Now You May See Factory Settings Please Select It And Press Ok.

       Now, you will see a code in a box; select the code and press “OK”.

       After completing it, you will be able to easily connect your Roku device to your local network

       Now, select the given 4 digit code which is shown on your screen and click “Ok”.

       Then, you will see the Roku will start getting reset.

       Wait until this process is finishing, restart your Roku and Tv. 

Still, if your Roku is not connecting to your wireless network or If you are facing again this issue then you can try hard reset on your Roku device.

Method- 2: Steps to Hard Reset on Your Roku Device:- 

       First of all, you need to turn on your Roku device.

       Then, go to the Reset (at the back side of Roku stick), press it and hold it for few seconds

       Now, navigate to Reset Key and you need to reboot your Roku device

       After that, you are fully set for installing it again as a new device.

       Now, you can Setup it like a new device. 

If you are still getting any Issue with the connectivity of your Roku to your home network router, you need to connect with the Roku Support or Roku.com/link URL. The Roku technician will give you a right suggestion your Roku connectivity problem.

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