How to Connect Roku with Wi-Fi Network Error Code 014 Message?

Roku is a streaming media player. It is a device which is best for personal as well as personal uses. By using Roku on your system you can watch a movie, playing games, or use in a projector. But sometimes You might be facing Roku Wi-Fi issues. while watching a show or movie suddenly the device is stopped connecting or buffing for a long time or show a message error 014 . and it might be possible that another message also appears on the screen like Roku has lost its Wi-Fi network or connection. So that you can immediately reboot your Roku device but it will resolve the problem for a limited period of time, but it’s not a permanent solution and not good for the device. This might also happen when your Roku device has a strong signal then your Wi-Fi router.

But the question is still the same, this error 014 can be caused by a number of the reason some are described below to aware you why this happened to your device? We are providing you the causes:

  • Your router is far away from the device.
  • You have enabled the whitelist on your
  • Problem with the network settings of the router.
  • You entered the wrong password credentials.

It might be possible that due to any other factor this error occurred. Let’s discussed the steps of resolving issues or error of your device. Some of the methods are given below-

Procedure to Connect Roku with Wi-Fi Network Error Code 014 Message

To resolve the error 014, follow the procedure carefully:

Method-1: Disable Network Ping

Follow the steps in ascending order to avoid the trouble and save your time and efforts.

Step-1: Open the “Platform Secret Screen” and follow the on-screen sequence:

Step-2: Click on the home button (5) times, then ->Forward button -> Play button -> Rewind button ->Play button -> Forward button continue.

Step-3: On the “Platform Secret Screen” page scroll through the menu.

Step-4: Then click on the “Disable network Pings” option.

The Network connection is disabled from your Roku device. This will also solve the problem of error 014. If you are unable to solve then follow the next method.

Method-2: Update your Software

  1. Try Connecting to Another Network

Step-1: Try to connect with another device by using hotspot such as mobile, tablet etc.

Step-2: Check the Wi-Fi hotspot properly.

Step-3: Connect your Roku device to it.

Step-4: Try connecting directly to the Ethernet cable or USB cable.

  1. Update your Software

Use the Roku remote device to open and unlock the “Secret Screen”

Step-1: Open the “secret screen” and follow the on-screen sequence:

Step-2: Click on the home button (5) times -> Forward button (3) times -> Rewind button (2) times.

Step-3: On the screen, select “Update Software” option

Step-4: The Roku device reboots automatically after updates

  1. Disable Network Pings

After software update completion. Follow the next step-

Step-1: Find the “Disable network pings” on the menu option

Step-2: Follow the above pattern carefully to open and disable the network pings.

  1. Connect to your Wi-Fi Network

After you follow the aforementioned steps trying to connect to your wireless network. Now, you should be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network without any issues.

But if you are facing any trouble then contact the Roku customer support. the experts are available 24*7 to help you in resolving your problem. For quick assistance dial the toll-free number of Roku customer support.

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