How to Activate the Roku Device?

Roku is a setup box service which developed streaming for the T.V. Its make Roku spilling players that interface with your TV and also Roku TVs that have the excellent knowledge worked. Merely interface them to the Internet, set up a Roku account, and begin spilling. Roku is a more helpful and accessible approach to connect to the TV. But if you want to enjoy this device, then you need to purchase it. You can buy it easily Roku official website “” After purchasing, you need to activate it on your T.v. Most of the user face some difficulties to activate the Roku product. So in this article, a simple process to activation for the Roku product.

Roku device provided services.

  • Tons of FREE content,
  • Hollywood blockbusters,
  • Live TV and sports,
  • Original content, movies, and the latest TV shows,

Why choose Roku products?

Roku devices are easy to set-up and simple to use. They provide a straightforward remote, and capable highlights like Roku Search which makes it easy to discover what you need to watch. Roku tool gives you access to 500,000+ motion pictures and TV scenes from top free and paid channels so that you can stream nearly anything.

NOTE-To take some extra channels need to payment, and channel availability can change and as per country.

Activating Process To your Roku Device:

Now users can easily connect the Roku device to your system by using the given instruction. You need to follow some easy steps.

  • You need to use the Quick Start Guide that provides with your Roku device.
  • To take any other help or setting for your Roku device, go to the Setup and Troubleshooting part of the Roku support site.
  • You need to follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Roku device to the internet.
  • After connected, your Roku device may download a new program on your t.v or laptop and another user device.
  • Now, you will get a link code; e.g. “XD12G” by the Roku device.
  • Copy link code and saved it on your convenient place.
  • Now, go to the website on your system or using the device.

Note: while texting into your using a web browser, type it carefully to avoid corrupted websites.

  • Now, land to Roku website, enter the link code.
  • Now, click on
  • If you get any issue or get any breaks on any step, read the given steps how to fix problems activating Roku streaming device.

Recommendation: You need to complete ALL of the given steps on the website before going back to your Roku device otherwise your Roku device will not be activated.

  • Now make your Roku account by following give website instructions.
  • Now log in your Roku account by using registered email id or password.
  • Now you need to complete the payment of the Roku device by using any one payment method.

These payment methods give you permission to purchase subscriptions to some fantastic channels, decent or purchase movies and TV shows, or allow to buy other products from the Roku Channel Store. Complete a payment method does not respond to any charges to your account. You will only be charged after going through some extra steps required to make a purchase; e.g., when log in for a subscription, renting or buying a movie or TV show, or adding a channel from the Roku Channel Store. 

Most excellent credit cards and PayPal has required to payment methods. To get any help or support connect with Roku customer support. If you are facing any trouble with your payment method, then take assistance from Roku experts.

After completing your activation process, the Roku device will be ready to use on your system.

Roku Customer Service:-

To Know more advantages of Roku products you can go to Roku official website. You will find there all the necessary questions answer. In any trouble or issue by Roku service, you can connect with Roku customer support team. They will give you a better response to all problems. By taking Roku assistance use your Roku product more comfortably. Meet 24×7 with the certified technicians to ask any Roku products related queries. 


Roku Support:-

  • Support home
  • Before you buy
  • How to: Using your Roku
  • Account and billing
  • Setup and troubleshooting

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