How Can You Add Private Channels To Your Roku?

These days, there are quite a number of products available in the market which have the ability to add internet streaming to TV viewing experience. Roku devices are one of the most popular amongst such devices. Roku is a handy device which streams media such as TV shows, music, movies, etc., from the web to the user’s television. There are three kinds of Roku devices available in the market: Roku Box, Roku TV, and Roku streaming stick.

What are private Roku channels?

Roku has around 4500 official channels in its Channel store. Even though several thousands of channels are available in Roku, it may become hard for users to navigate them. Some Roku users expand their content selection by adding private channels to their Roku. Not all Roku channels show in the official Roku channel store. A number of hidden private channels exist on Roku, and one has to go out of their way to find them. On Roku, channels are substantially the same as applications. Therefore, it implies that there is a world of added applications for your Roku device, and you can locate them with the help of your web browser.

Private channels are those channels which are a part of the Roku channel store, but they are not displayed publically. Therefore, it means that they do not show to regular Roku users when they are browsing through the Roku channel store on the remote and when they are looking for channels on the Roku website at

Which channels are private on Roku?

Some Roku Channels are private as they are in beta and they are not geared up for a full release. Some are private because they need a membership and they are hidden so that regular Roku users do not come across them and install them. The channels which offer the kind of content which Roku does not wish to be made visible publically in the channel store, are also hidden. Third-party unofficial channels for other websites and services are also private.

Procedure to add private channels to Roku

Carefully follow the steps given below to locate and add private channels to your Roku:

  1. Firstly, you will have to look for the private channel which you wish to install. You can look up for Roku private channels and Roku private channel to find private channels. Directories of private channels on Roku are available on some websites.
  2. When you find the private channel which you wish to install, find its link. The link is a convenient mode to enter the code into the website of Roku.
  3. After you have procured the private channel code, go to
  4. Type in the code of the private channel or the private channel keyword and then click on Add Channel.
  5. Go through the ratings as well as the pricing information about the channel.
  6. If you are satisfied and wish to add that Roku channel then click on “Yes, Add Channel.”
  7. Go back to your Roku and go to the Settings.
  8. Click on System Update. Click on Check Now in order to update the private channels to your Roku.

If you have any issue with Roku, then feel free to get in touch with Roku customer support. Any problem with Roku devices or channels should be fixed as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your Roku experience. To get a permanent fix of such issues, you should call on the Roku support phone number and get instant support from certified experts. The Roku support services can be availed 24/7 by visiting

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