How to Fix a Roku That Is Not Connecting To Local Network?

Roku is an online media streaming service which helps the users to stream various movies, TV shows, and music. In order to enjoy Roku, you need a reliable connection from your Roku to your local network. In this blog post, the steps needed to fix the issue of Roku device not being able to connect to local network shall be discussed.

How to check the connection?

If you wish to check the connection, then you will have to go to the Settings menu on the Roku device.

  • Head to Settings on your Roku device,
  • Click on Network and then go to Check Connection.
  • Now you will be required to conduct a two part test. The first part of the test checks whether the wireless signal strength is good or not. It also checks for a connection to the local network. The second part of the test checks whether your device is connected to the internet and if the speed of the internet is good or not.
  • If your wireless signal strength or the internet speed is not good then you will be given on-screen instructions to help fix the problem.
  • If your Roku device is not connected to the network then you will not be able to see the option of Check connection. You will be able to see only the Set up connection option.

How to fix the connectivity issue?

  1. Enter the correct wireless network name: Sometimes, entering the wrong wireless network name can result in the wireless network to fail. If you are not sure that your Roku devices is connected to the right network then find your right wireless name and password and then connect to it.
  2. Enter the correct password: If you feel that you have entered the correct wireless password but it is still not connecting, then try to enter it again. Keep in mind that wireless network passwords are case sensitive; hence type the password very carefully.
  3. Check if the router is working appropriately: With the help of your PC or smartphone, connect to your local network and then try to access the internet by going to a public website such as roku-com/link. If you are capable of connecting to the internet from a different device then it means that your router is providing a good internet access. If you are not able to connect to the internet, then try to restart your router. If it doesn’t work, get it touch with your ISP.
  4. Improve your wireless signal strength: If your wireless password is right and you can access the internet from other devices, but you are still unable to connect your Roku device to your local network, then in all probability the problem can be related to the wireless signal strength. The wireless signal will get weaker as the distance between your Roku device and the router increases.
  5. Restart your Roku device: If you want to restart Roku player then head over to Settings. Click on system. Now go to System Restart. IF you have a Roku TV then go to Settings, then click on System, and then go to Power. Click on System Restart. Alternatively, remove the plug of the Roku device from the power source and wait for a few seconds before plugging it back.

If you have connected your Roku device to the local network before, then it will automatically reconnect. If it does not reconnect automatically or if it is the first time that you are setting up the Roku device then you must complete the network setup process. Go to for Roku setup.

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